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Dolni Dunajovice or Mikulov?

Choose Dolní Dunajovice if you long for peace and quiet, enjoy wine cellars (there are countless ones here—open in the season even without prior reservation), and love the village life. Here, you'll be awakened by a rooster in the morning, and there will be fewer people compared to Mikulov. Don't worry, there is also a local restaurant :)

However, if you prefer to be at the center of events, love a diverse selection of local cuisine, enjoy attending bigger summer events that are plentiful in Mikulov, and like watching the street bustle from a local garden with a glass in hand, then Mikulov is the ideal place for you.

Both towns are just 5 km apart and one train stop away from each other, so you can't go wrong whether you choose Dolní Dunajovice or Mikulov.